Teddy The Lost Dog A Musical
Director: Jo Shane
Hosted By: Bermuda Musical & Dramatic Society
12/6/2018 - 12/15/2018
Teddy The Lost Dog A Musical

Music and Lyrics by JAMES BURN

Many people in Bermuda will be familiar with the true story behind this adventure.  Teddy – The Lost Dog is the heart-warming tale of a plucky young pup who finds himself down on his luck in a homeless shelter for dogs.

We follow his precarious journey from being lost and alone to finding his forever home! He has many adventures with the characters he meets along the way.  We meet a wily cat and a daft rat and many puppy chums.

Little does Teddy know that in the background there is a wonderful group of humans who are pulling out all the stops to keep him from danger or a tragic end. Will they succeed in time? The whole family will enjoy this lively, fast moving story, based on a true-life Bermuda ‘doggy’ drama.

There is plenty of laughter and maybe a few tears. This brand new musical is chock full of wonderful songs and characters. It’s sure to start your festive season off on a very bright note!

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