Love, Business & Money
Love, Business & Money

Professional, Financial & Spiritual Mentorship for Conscious Women in Business.

Conscious women in business should not have to sacrifice their self-love and their relationships for a higher income. You can have it all.

Society asks so much of women. You’re asked to work harder, to be attentive mothers, partners and spouses, to fit the mold your parents desire for you, to work more, to make more money, and sacrifice your relationships to be a boss babe. You’re asked to be gentle and feminine, and in the same breath you’re told that the only way for you to succeed is to be masculine. You’re asked to heal, to show up, to do better, to be better… Yet rarely does anyone explain how to do this, let alone if it’s even possible.

The hard truth is that the concept of success that society has programmed you to chase is probably not possible. What is possible is you defining and achieving a version of success that is unique to you.

Love, Business & Money provides the space for you to do that.

Here is everything you’ll receive when you register:

Love Business & Money
* Two Calls per month - $444 value
* One 30 minute call discussing your business and one 60 minute to dive deep into a matter of your choice
* This unique method allows you to practice showing up in a succinct and intentional way for business while still providing a separate space to go deep, explore and make important shifts
* Access to over one dozen tools on self-love, business development and money management - over $500 total value
* WhatsApp, email & Instagram support between calls - Priceless
* Access to all future tools and resources

* Complimentary Lifetime Access to Love, Business & Money Membership (in development)
* Access all monthly membership calls
* Access to Members-Only Facebook group
* Access to Members-Only Instagram Page
* Access to any and all future developments or iterations/versions
* Access to all future tools and resources

You’ll complete this container with:
* Deep love and compassion for every version of yourself through heart-opening spiritual and self-love practices
* Accelerated progress in business through generation of personalized structures
* Increased quality of peace, depth and cooperation in your relationships
* Mastery of personal and business finances through utilization of a clear reliable system
* Actual balance and flow between your business

For more information please visit or contact [email protected].

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4 Payments of (once per quarter) I US$1,777.00 25 Spin UpSpin Down
2 Payments of (one payment every 6 months) I US$3,333.00 25 Spin UpSpin Down
1 Payment I US$6,444.00 25 Spin UpSpin Down

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