Ana Luna Full Moon Sailing 2021
5/26/2021 - 8/22/2021
Ana Luna Full Moon Sailing 2021

On the eve of each month’s full moon Ana Luna sails to enjoy both the sun setting and the moon rising. Departing one hour before sunset Ana Luna guests enjoy the beautiful sunset over wide open western waters, followed by full moon rising in the eastern sky. After sunset Ana Luna continues sailing for another hour and docks an hour after sunset to conclude the two hour outing.

Cost is $89 per person, includes organic coffee, fresh hibiscus tea, fresh water, champagne toast, cash bar and organic light snack selection.

Two eves later Ana Lunar series continues with Bioluminescent Glow Worms outings, two and three days after the full moon.

COVID-19 regulations and restrictions are in place.
These rules change often for better or worse. Ana Luna team to committed to abiding, helping avoid virus spread. Guest numbers, eve curfew, sharing of foods, are all regulated. Mask use is required while aboard. Hand sanitizer if going below to bathroom. Guests asked to sit with their pod. Ana Luna has numerous locations for couples or groups of four. Crew might ask to assign these areas to best social distance comfortably. Some cruises might be modified to abide by current regulations.

For further information please contact or call 504-3780.

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