"Why are the Roofs White?" - St. George’s Architecture Tour
10/5/2019 - 12/31/2019

Step back in time with your tour guide Peter Frith, an 11th generation Bermudian, as he shares with you the stories of the historic properties which make up this UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back to the early 17th Century. You’ll learn what led early island settlers to create Bermuda’s most iconic architectural symbol: white stepped roofs.

Following a gentle stroll through the historic town, you’ll visit Mitchell House, a shining example of a traditional Bermudian cottage built in the early 1700s. Enjoy a light refreshment as you explore this quaint property and its gardens to learn how our ancestors lived out here.
Few visitors get to explore St. George’s history and properties in this way. Whether you’re an avid architecture enthusiast, a photographer looking for that perfect shot, or you’re just looking to enrich the mind, this tour provides the perfect opportunity to discover Bermuda’s heritage.

*Duration: 1hr 30 mins
*Price includes entry to St. Peter’s Church and Mitchell House
*Please bring a print or electronic copy of your ticket to the tour

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