Envisioning Bliss
Hosted By: Bliss Women
Envisioning Bliss

Bliss Women, a community that provides support for women to pursue their purpose and live a healthier and happier lifestyle, is hosting Envisioning Bliss: A Health and Wellness event on Saturday, 2nd November. This will take place from 10 am until 1 pm at North Street Citadel Hall in Hamilton, where women can nourish their physical health and mental well-being with a day of empowerment, encouragement, and so much more! The event is recommended for those looking to make health a priority and connect with other women while learning something valuable. You can expect wellness gift bags, healthy food, nutrition and career advice, a panel discussion, and other surprises!

All proceeds benefit North Street Citadel.

This event is open to everyone between the ages of 18-65+.

For more information, contact hello@bdablisswomen.com or join the mailing list for the exclusive event offers provided at envisioning-bliss-bermuda.


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