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Premier Tickets has grown to be Bermuda’s leading online ticketing platform, managing tickets for the majority of Bermuda’s events. Our traffic boasts excellent statistics as we showcase a variety of events, movies and charities year around. We have the following advertising opportunities available for your ads for our online and offline patrons.

Website Banner Ads   Newsletter Ads    eTicket Ads 

70,000+ impressions per month
2:50 min average session duration
4.5% bounce rate 


A. Side Square Banner: $200/week
B. Bottom Ad: $250/week


Sent weekly on Fridays

15,000+ inboxes / week
Special deals every Monday


A. Headlining Event: $200/week
B. Side Banner: $150/week
C. Bottom Banner:  $100/week 


Our tickets will reach a broad audience on and offline, extending past the advertising period for planned purchasers.

3,100+ printed per month 


Customized size: $500/month


We also offer an alternative advertising solution through our Premier Deals.

Premier Deals for Events:

#PtixWeeklyDeals is featured on our website via, as well as in our newsletter every Friday, which reaches more than 15,000 inboxes, and is shared on our social media feeds. Participating in Premier Deals is a great way to drive traffic to your event and increase ticket sales.

At Premier Tickets we work hard to ensure that your event receives optimum exposure in order to help generate ticket sales, we have found that our deals are ever popular with the general market. For the past several years, Liberty Theatre has offered “Premier Deals” aka #PtixWeeklyDeals. This partnership functions as a type of coupon, offering 20 tickets at 50% OFF for every Monday early evening movie.

The deal is completely up to you. First, choose how many tickets you would like to offer, then what discount you would like to apply. We generally recommend 50% OFF on a limited number of unsold tickets. Your deal will then appear in our newsletter. If you are interested putting your event on Premier Deals, please let us know no later than 2pm on Thursday. We would be happy to discuss your options, or if you have any questions or would like to chat.

Premier Deals for Services:

Premier Tickets has recently launched Premier Deals for services! Premier Deals is a platform which allows you to offer a limited quantity of discounted Deals for new potential customers.

Benefits of joining #PtixWeeklyDeals

Great marketing service
Builds traffic to your business
Fills spots in your business.
Everyone loves a good deal!

Ptix Coupons:

Ptix sells the most event tickets in Bermuda! With a variety of events published on, an average of 3,100+ etickets are purchased and downloaded each month, with numbers increasing during peak season. Our e-tickets, are printed on 8x11 printer paper, with all of the event information at the top of the ticket and a solid retail space on the bottom. This has shown to be highly useful for online and offline advertising.

Ptix would like to give you the opportunity of advertising discounts or coupons in this retail space. You coupon becomes partnered with our entire sales list. And if you only want to push the coupons out for one day, we can do that too. We are here to help you get the most out of #ptixweeklydeals.


Please contact us for more information on our advertising options:

Telephone: 441-278-1500