Pirates of Bermuda 2019
Hosted By: Bermuda Sloop Foundation / Spirit of Bermuda

Pirates of Bermuda is Saturday March 16th FROM 2 pm – 4:30 pm. at #1 Car Park.

Participate in the most exciting fundraising event of the year:
Pirates of Bermuda!

Registered Charity No. 545 

The funds raised from this event ensure the continued operation of Bermuda Sloop Foundation’s Education and Character Development Programme on board Spirit of Bermuda.


Pirates of Bermuda are conspiring to take the hostages listed below and you have until Saturday, March 16th to raise the ransom. However, as a donor you have a choice! 

Donate towards a hostage ransom ie SAVE the hostage



Donate towards a hostage walking the plank off the Spirit of Bermuda into
the chilly waters of Hamilton Harbour! ie SINK

1.  Enter the amount you wish to contribute, then click on SINK or SAVE.
You will be taken to your shopping cart. 
2.  If you wish to contribute again, towards another hostage,
click on the back button to return to the Hostages page.
3.  When you have added all the hostage contributions as you wish to the shopping cart,
you may then proceed to “checkout”. 
4.  Your contributions will show as ticket purchases; however,
they are contributions towards SINK or SAVE for hostages.

Donations made will come through to your email as tickets for each hostage SINK or SAVE which will serve as your receipt.

Sorry you cannot order tickets for this event at this time.

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