Jewish Community of Bermuda Building Fundraiser
Jewish Community of Bermuda Building Fundraiser

The Jewish Community of Bermuda (JCB) has been presented an exciting opportunity to purchase the building we have been renting from St Johns Church for the last 15 years. We have assembled a committee, chaired by Mitch Blaser, to help bring this to fruition. We are launching this campaign with a Gala event at Tuckers Point on February 2nd, 2024.  In a world of strife, it’s a great moment to support bringing a community together with a permanent centre in Bermuda. The purchase of the building is $500,000 with intended renovations of $350,000.

With thanks,
Fiona Elkinson (JCB President)
Mitch Blaser (JCB Centre Campaign Committee Chair)
Heather Oliver (Gala Committee Chair & Board Member)
Cortney Bernstein (Gala Committee & Board Member)
Shira Jatto (Gala Committee & Board Member)
Tori Markus (Gala Committee & Board Member)
Felicia Steffen (Gala Committee & Board Member)

Any questions can be directed to [email protected]
Jewish Community of Bermuda

Donations Jewish Community of Bermuda Building Fundraiser 12/31/2024 5:00 PM - Online
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