The Jewish Community of Bermuda Memberships
The Jewish Community of Bermuda Memberships

The Jewish Community of Bermuda is a registered Bermuda charity committed to sustaining meaningful Jewish life on the island for over thirty years. Our unique community is a grassroots organization that is entirely volunteer-run by its members. As a non-affiliated organization with our own Sefer Torah and centre, we are able to personalize our activities, simchas and observances to cater to different denominations of Judaism, yet still remain intimate because of our size. Our focus on family-oriented events for Bermuda residents helps us pass Jewish tradition l’dor v’dor, from generation to generation.


(At AGM’s and EGM’s, voting members are as described in section 1 of the JCB constitution for membership.)

For further information please contact [email protected].

SectionPriceMax TicketsTickets Requested
Family Membership I US$650.00 1000 Spin UpSpin Down
Couples Membership I US$550.00 1000 Spin UpSpin Down
Individual Membership I US$400.00 1000 Spin UpSpin Down
Associate Member / Non-Resident Member I US$300.00 1000 Spin UpSpin Down
Hebrew School Annual Fee I US$1,000.00 1000 Spin UpSpin Down
Torah Tots Annual Fee I US$118.00 1000 Spin UpSpin Down
General Donation in Multiples of Chai I US$18.00 1000 Spin UpSpin Down

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