The Anglican Church of Bermuda Donations
Registered Charity No.: 306
The Anglican Church of Bermuda Donations

The Anglican Church of Bermuda is as much a part of our Bermudian culture as the beat of the snare drum from the neighborhood Gombey troupe; or the refreshing taste of a sweet loquat in season. In fact, the Anglican Church has been a part of the Bermudian way of life from the very beginning. Aboard the Sea Venture on that fateful journey in June 1609, was a Priest of the Church of England, Rev’d Richard Bucke. Thus the ties between Bermuda and the Anglican Communion have a long, rich history.
As the national religious body for the beautiful island of Bermuda, the Anglican Church hopes to offer the same tranquility, serenity and peace that can be found in the scent of salt water, the view of the sunset and the sweet singing of the bluebird. We welcome you into a safe and Godly environment, where a love for Jesus Christ is supreme and service to others in the power of the Holy Spirit is paramount.
The Anglican Church of Bermuda is a single diocese consisting of nine parishes (fourteen churches, in all, including the Cathedral) in Bermuda.

For more information about The Anglican Church of Bermuda please contact Juanae Crockwell, Executive Assistant to the Bishop of Bermuda, [email protected], 292-6987.

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