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Registered Charity No.: 710
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Raleigh Bermuda Donation Page

Raleigh Bermuda is registered charity and was founded in 2004.  The aim of the organization is to provide Bermudians between the ages of 17-25, with the opportunity to be challenged, supported and inspired to strive towards their goals through adventure and personal development. Each year they work with 20-30 young people that want to change their lives. Raleigh provides a year-long personal development programme which includes residential group training camps on island, individualized coaching,  and an incredible 10 week expedition in Malaysia, Costa Rica/Nicaragua, Nepal or Tanzania. During the expedition, participants engage in meaningful projects, including building schools and endangered animal sanctuaries, and complete a 3 week adventure trekking challenge. As a result of their work, over 80% of their alumni are working or in school.  And 95% say it made an overall positive difference in their lives.


Donations Donation 12/31/2024 10:00 PM - Donation
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