Centre Against Abuse Donation Page
Registered Charity No.: 146
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Centre Against Abuse Donation Page

The Centre Against Abuse is a registered charity in Bermuda, that provides intervention, support and education to all on domestic abuse, which is a pattern of unwanted behavior (e.g, physical, verbal, emotional, etc.) that is used to gain and maintain power and control in a relationship.

Our mission is to provide a safe shelter, support, and tools for those involved in domestic abuse; and to create abuse free advocates for an abuse free community through education and prevention.

Our vision is to eliminate the need for our service by eradicating domestic abuse in Bermuda.

Confidential Services

·        Safe house programme for women and their children
·        Counselling
·        Support for victims and their children
·        Programmes for abusers
·        Referrals
·        24 hour emergency services available

Donations Donation 12/31/2024 10:00 PM - Donation
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