Teen Services/Teen Haven Donation Page
Registered Charity No.: 71
Teen Services/Teen Haven Donation Page

Teen Services operator of Teen Haven has celebrated over 50 years of service to young people and their families. Teen Haven the residential component  has given over 40 years of service to the community.

The agency offers social service programs such as counseling and support, prevention-focused community outreach services, and transitional housing. The agency also hosts the annual Outstanding Teen Awards, which honors and salutes Bermuda’s outstanding senior students at both public and private high schools.

For the past 40 years Teen Haven has provided temporary housing and support services to hundreds of single mothers and their children. Currently, this component operates on a 24-hour schedule, offering housing, counseling, and a parenting program, with life skills training. The program is designed to prepare the residents for effective parenting and successful independent living. The housing facility also offers a safe and stable environment that is critical to young families in transition.

One of the agency’s annual fundraising strategies is the Teen Haven Tag Day, which will be officially launched Friday, February 17th 2017 throughout the city of Hamilton and outlying parishes. To this end, Teen Haven is making a plea to the community to support this vital service, which endeavors to help young families strive towards stability and independence.

3 Reasons to Donate to Teen Haven

1. You can EMPOWER young families in need!
2. You can GIVE a safe environment to children!
3. You can provide HOPE!

For more information on Teen Haven, contact 295-3220, 292-4598 or [email protected].

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