Bermuda Sloop Foundation Donation and Membership Page
Registered Charity No.: 545
Bermuda Sloop Foundation Donation and Membership PageBermuda Sloop Foundation Donation and Membership PageBermuda Sloop Foundation Donation and Membership Page


Our mission is to change lives, one voyage at a time, over time.


Bermuda Sloop Foundation recognizes that children learn differently, and many of Bermuda’s youths do not acquire information optimally in a traditional classroom setting.

On board our floating classroom, Spirit of Bermuda, we provide character and educational development for Bermuda's youth using the unique attributes of structured experiential learning through sail training (learning by doing). By providing this alternative learning environment, we strive to increase their positive life outcomes, and to create awareness of and pathways to technical, mechanical and marine-related careers for young Bermudians.

Core Beliefs

    • Every child has the potential to blossom and deserves the opportunity to do so, despite their life circumstances.
    • Assisting a student in building resilience increases their chances of becoming productive citizens and the most effective way to impact
    • our youth is to intervene early while they are still impressionable.
    • A significant impact can be made through a combination of core life & education success skills development applied through structured Experiential Learning Models.


    Use the donation amounts below to total the membership level required:

    Bursary - Sponsor a Student ($1,250-$3,500)

    Up to $99 - Alumni Crew Club (for students, teachers and family members)

    $100 - $999 - Captain’s Club

    $1,000 - 400 Club (400 members to ensure $400,000 per year)

    $1,001 - $2,500 - Admiral’s Club

    > $2,500 - Spirit of Bermuda Club

    General Donation

    Corporate Sponsorship

    Corporate Membership


    For more information, please contact:


    Serving Bermuda's Youth Since 2006
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