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Open Airways Donation Page

Open Airways is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people in Bermuda whose lives are affected by asthma and other long-term breathing difficulties.

Asthma is disabling, distressing, misunderstood, life-threatening and TREATABLE.



· EDUCATE - health care professionals – offering expert training for effective care; Each year we train over 150 local health care professionals (doctors, pharmacists, nurses, physios) to update the care and treatment of asthma. The need for asthma education is ongoing. International evidence based guidelines are always changing, new medications emerge and people develop asthma at all stages of their life.  Our programs ensure that there continue to be health professionals in Bermuda with specialist, up to date training able to deliver the best care possible.

· EDUCATE – Individuals to help them take control of their breathing difficulties; We provide one-on-one consultations to help people with asthma and COPD manage their symptoms and to fine tune their treatment by having a personal action plan. Many times our consultations are ‘in-home’ to identify triggers that may exist in their environment.

· EDUCATE – Teachers, students and their parents establishing life-long habits to keep children healthy and out of hospital. If we can educate the children of this generation we can have a major impact on the next generation.  We provide a new pillow each year to every primary school child who has asthma to help avoid asthma triggers.

· EDUCATE the community – to raise awareness and understanding of best practice asthma care, through the media, health fairs, Lunch and Learns, as well as presentations to churches, clubs, schools, PTA’s and more; We hold an annual “World Asthma Day” event offering free assistance to anyone who may not have control of their asthma.

· PROVIDE EQUIPMENT - to ensure optimal equipment is available to all with respiratory diseases.  We provide spacer devices to every student with asthma and people of all ages in the community to ensure inhaled medications reach the airways.  Oxygen concentrators are provided for the elderly with COPD.

· PROVIDE SUPPORT FOR DISADVANTAGED FAMILIES by improving the home environment for those suffering with respiratory disease (new mattresses, pillows, bedding, even new floors and repairs where needed to help avoid asthma triggers).

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