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Living Reefs Foundation Donation Page

Who we are

Newly established, Living Reefs Foundation is a Bermuda-based charity, working with the Bermuda Government and marine experts to preserve the Island’s pristine and healthy reef system. Its concept was approved by the Bermuda Cabinet and endorsed by the Bermuda National Trust. Living Reefs Foundation funds:

  • Projects responding to crisis on the reefs – such as restoring corals following groundings.
  • Research and education programmes directly applicable to reef conservation action.

Why invest in Bermuda’s reefs?

Bermuda’s coral reefs are less than 20km from the Island’s high population density, and impacts from human development can be devastating. Bermuda’s coral reefs are fundamental to sustaining the present and future wellbeing and livelihoods of the Island’s residents, as

  • A barrier to wave action during storms and hurricanes;
  • A habitat to more than half of the fish commercially caught;
  • A prime tourism asset

Conserving Bermuda’s reefs is not a luxury, it is an essential investment both locally and globally. Your contribution, however small, will go a long way. Please visit Thank you!
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