SPS St. George’s Prep
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5/15/2018 - 12/31/2024
SPS St. George’s Prep

To assist us in reaching our goal please enter the monetary value of the school items you wish to purchase under your desired product and click the Buy Now! button. Once you have added this product to your cart, you can proceed to the checkout or continue shopping by clicking the Go Back button! Multiple purchases can be made across multiple schools within the same shopping basket. If you have any questions or trouble processing your order please contact our customer care on [email protected] or 278.1500.


This is a wonderful surprise! What a generous offer. Thank you so much for reaching out to us and for your consideration.” - Mrs. Gail Smith, Principal 

Disclaimer: SPS.bm is not a registered charity under the Charities Act - we are a community-action initiative. We do not solicit funds from the Bermuda public and we do not receive funding from the Bermuda Government or from Bermuda public sources. Supporters make direct purchases of school supplies and projects with the retail supplies, so we never see, receive or handle funds. That way 0% of dollars are spent on admin expenses and 100% are spent on supplies and projects for kids. 

Noise Cancelling Headphones $99.00
Goal: $2,000.00
raised by 4 shoppers.
Footballs $26.50
Goal: $795.00
raised by 3 shoppers.
Flex-Space Comfy Floor Seat $219.95
Goal: $3,600.00
raised by 2 shoppers.
Plastic Storage Bin $29.50
Goal: $295.00
raised by 2 shoppers.
Post-It Combo Value Pack $31.01
Goal: $375.00
raised by 1 shopper.
Index Cards - 10 Count $13.95
Goal: $170.00
raised by 0 shopper.
Book Rings - 100 Count $15.98
Goal: $100.00
raised by 1 shopper.
Play-Doh Assorted - Class Pack $92.26
Goal: $600.00
raised by 0 shopper.
Electric Book Binding Machine $898.20
Goal: $2,694.00
raised by 0 shopper.
Fidgets $16.95
Goal: $169.00
raised by 0 shopper.
Logitech Webcam $79
Goal: $948.00
raised by 0 shopper.

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