Lady Cubitt Compassionate Association Donation Page
Registered Charity No.: 87
Lady Cubitt Compassionate Association Donation Page

The LCCA (Lady Cubitt Compassionate Association) is a Bermuda Registered Charity whose goal is to improve the well-being of Bermuda residents. Founded in 1932 by the then Governor’s wife, Lady Cubitt, the LCCA has been assisting the less fortunate members of our society for over 80 years.


To improve the quality of life, health and well-being of those in our community who are in medical, financial or emotional need, with particular care and compassion for children and the elderly.


The LCCA provides two distinct programs:

•General Assistance Program - assisting local needy cases.

•Overseas Medical Program – providing patient overseas financial aid for medical treatment not available in Bermuda. Patients must qualify for assistance per established LCCA terms and conditions.


Self-referral or referral from other agencies for general assistance.

An application is forwarded from the patient’s physician / specialist for overseas medical treatment assistance.

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