Private Lives
Director: John Mitchell
Hosted By: Bermuda Musical & Dramatic Society
Written By: Noel Coward
7/18/2019 - 7/27/2019
Private Lives

Divorced couple, Amanda and Elyot, unknowingly book adjoining rooms while on honeymoon with their new spouses, Victor and Sybil. Realizing they still have feelings for each other, Amanda and Elyot make the hasty decision to abandon Victor and Sybil and run off to Amanda's flat in Paris. Despite their passion for each other, Amanda and Elyot begin to bicker again, as they had during their marriage. When the jilted spouses show up, the four must face each other, and try to figure out who is actually suited to whom. Noel Coward's classic comedy of manners is set in today's world of selfies and social media, where appearances can be deceiving, as “very few people are completely normal, deep down in their private lives”.

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