Loyalty Cards and Bundles
1/1/2024 - 12/31/2024
Loyalty Cards and Bundles

At the Bermudaful Centre for Mindfulness, we believe in the profound impact of continuous, consistent, and committed self-care. The class bundles are not just class packages but invitations to a journey of personal growth and inner strength, calm, and balance.

Whether through the fluid movements of yoga or the calming practice of mindfulness, this is your invitation to dedicate time to yourself. Commit to these sessions as a pledge to your well-being, and watch as each practice enriches your life with peace and clarity.

Embrace a journey of strength, mobility, and balance with the 10-class yoga bundle. At just $225, this offer invites you to delve into the serenity of yoga, where every nine classes pave the way to a complimentary session. This is more than a savings opportunity: it's a commitment to nurturing your well-being and exploring your fullest potential.

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SectionPriceMax TicketsTickets Requested
Yoga Class Bundle I US$225.00 50 Spin UpSpin Down

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