Cinderella, A Christmas Pantomime
12/7/2023 - 12/16/2023
Cinderella, A Christmas Pantomime

Patrons who bring children – regardless of the age of the child – must purchase a seat for that child, even if the child sits in the lap of the adult. This is to prevent the maximum capacity of the auditorium from being exceeded.


A BMDS collaborative script with original musical score by James Burn.

A modern-day mom is frustrated with electronic device-happy children; insisting that the children put down their phones and use their imaginations to create a story.  They spin a tale of a once-wealthy Baron, now hard up because of his pesky stepdaughters’ extravagant use of his credit cards. He is sad being unable to prevent his stepdaughters, who are also on the rather ugly side, from making life intolerable for his real daughter, Briar Rose. They call her Cinderella because she has to clean out the cinders of all the fires at Hardup Hall every day.
The prestigious Prince’s Ball is set and Cinderella longs to go but her stepsisters have other plans. These dastardly, pesky, ugly pests trick her. They go to the Ball, but Cinders is left to tend the fires. What the stepsisters don’t know is that Cinderella has a Fairy Godmother and some high-stepping, hip-hopping mice to look after her.
Magically Cinderella shall go to the Ball where she will meet her Prince.  But, what’s this? She has to flee the embrace of the Prince at midnight! The Prince is distraught and enlists his trusty servant, Dandini, to find her as no one knows who this beautiful young woman is.

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