45th Global Privacy Assembly
10/15/2023 - 10/20/2023
45th Global Privacy Assembly
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Bringing together more than 130 data protection and privacy watchdogs worldwide, the Global Privacy Assembly (GPA) is a global forum that seeks to provide leadership in data protection and privacy. The GPA’s vision is one in which privacy and data protection authorities around the world can effectively act to fulfil their mandates, both individually and jointly, through liaising, networking, disseminating and sharing knowledge, experience and best practice.

The 45th Global Privacy Assembly Annual Meeting will take place in Bermuda from October 15th through 20th. The agenda will include a Welcome Reception on Sunday (15th Oct), the Open Session on Monday (16th Oct) and Tuesday (17th Oct), and the Closed Session from Wednesday (18th Oct) through Friday (20th Oct). Wednesday through Friday will consist of half-day Closed Sessions in the morning and further Open Side Events and bilateral meetings in the afternoons.

There are critical global issues to discuss, and the GPA’s Annual Meeting is an opportunity like no other to come together; to explore practical issues we all share; to discuss the latest in technology and trends; and to give an opportunity to non-traditional voices. And as a hub for the insurance and risk management industry, which supports the solvency and operation of every organisation on the planet, we hope Bermuda’s local industry can bring expertise in risk management practices into the data protection sphere.

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