Ana Luna Happy Hour & Night Life 2023
5/5/2023 - 10/28/2023
Ana Luna Happy Hour & Night Life 2023
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Ana Luna departs from the Town Square of St George's on a 'Three Hour Cruise'!

Innovative Group Cruise sails Weekly, Full Moon & Glowworms. Cruise sails to Enjoy Sunset & its Sky Blue Pink Aftermath.

Ana Luna then anchors to invite the creatures to join in the festivities (baitfish, squid & party fishes drawn by underwater lights and glowworms on their schedule).

Drinks Special of 3/$25 is offered, Guests may Play Eco Quiz for a Free Drink. Cash Bar & Charcuterie Boxes are offered.

Light Snacks & Healthy Tea are Complimentary

The cost is $89.00 p.p., and gratuities are appreciated.

For more information or questions please contact [email protected], 504-3780 or 537-1617.

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