Ana Luna Live Aboard 2023
Ana Luna Live Aboard 2023

Ana Luna Welcomes up to three couples or a family to stay in three cabins, each with a full bathroom. Guests may also sleep on deck or trampolines.

The Yacht is Captained; Anchored or Moored for the stay duration, she does not ‘Sail’. Additional times either before the stay or following may be had for the ‘additional hours’ rate of $200/ hour (subject to availability).

* The initial stay cost is $475 for two guests in one cabin; $195 per additional cabin for one or two.
* Hours of stay are Sunset to 9 am.
* Food: (breakfast/dinner) options; from simple to fancy cuisine, to suit your pallet.
* Drinks: we are a full bar!
* Additional hours may be added either before the stay or afterward or both. The cost is $200/ hr.

During additional hours the yacht is good to go for a sail, scuba, snorkeling, hangout, and enjoyment of the private experience.

Other costs include a $75 cleaning fee & 15% gratuity for the captain/host.

For more information or questions please contact [email protected], 504-3780 or 537-1617.

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Booking (2 guests) I US$475.00 1000 Spin UpSpin Down

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