Manifesting Self-Love with Cushi Ming 2023
Manifesting Self-Love with Cushi Ming 2023

Manifesting Self-Love

Making Self-Love Easy & Accessible

Tuesday, February 14, 2023
6:00 pm EST // 7pm ADT

Are you looking to:
Feel more success and fulfillment in your life?
Create more abundance?
Tap into powerful Self-Love and Self-Care resources?
Find support on your spiritual journey?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions… Manifesting Self-Love is for you!

Manifesting Self-Love is a gift from my heart to yours. Self-Love has been, without question, the biggest game changer for me. Cultivating a Self-Love and Self-Care routine has given me the treasure of growth and transformation in every area of my life including friendships, business, family and finances just to name a few. In this Masterclass, I’ll be passing that gift on to you.

This 2 hour Masterclass, will teach to manifest Self-Love through three of my favorite tools. These tools are my favorites for a reason - they are powerful. I’ve used each of these tools to drastically improve the relationship I have with myself as well as to manifest things you wouldn’t believe. They are:

Intention Setting (aka, Speaking Life)
EFT Tapping

We’ll introduce each technique in detail before diving into live demonstrations of each. Theas techniques will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and reconnected with yourself.

I’ll also be including the powerful way that I’ve combined these three practices into one potent Manifestation ritual that works! And only takes less than 10 mins a day to tap into.

This Masterclass gives you the opportunity to connect more deeply with yourself, to love yourself more, and to create more joy, fulfillment and fun in your life through these three very simple tips.

Register now for Manifesting Self-Love and discover how simple and easy Self-Love can be and see the lasting impact it will have on your life.

Bonus Materials Included:
Self-Love Reading List - powerful books that impacted my Self-Love Journey
Bonus Self-Love videos from some of my favorite practitioners
Self-Love Toolkit including 4 additional tools I’ve created to help cultivate Self-Love
A special discount offer for my powerful Self-Love e-course launching in January 2022

Remember, spaces are kept limited for an intimate learning experience, so don’t wait, purchase your ticket now to ensure you’re in the room for this life changing Masterclass.

Requirements for the Masterclass:
A quiet space where you won’t be disturbed
Notebook or journal + Pen(s)
Lots of water (at least 1 liters)
A handheld mirror or any mirror you can sit in front of
Google Meet (download links below)
An open mind and a desire to grow

The investment for this workshop is $88

After purchasing your ticket, please register by visiting to receive the Google Meet link for the workshop.

For any questions, please email [email protected] - Subject: Question about Manifesting Self-Love.

For anyone experiencing financial challenges, please contact [email protected] to discuss payment plans or scholarships.

Congratulations on learning to Love yourself! You deserve it!

Connect with Cushi at

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