Abundant Self-Love
Abundant Self-Love

Abundant Self-Love

Launching January 11, 2022

Are you looking to:
       - Feel more success and fulfillment in your life?
       - Create more abundance?
       - Tap into powerful Self-Love and Self-Care resources?
       - Find support on your spiritual journey?
       - Overcome stress, frustration and confusion?
       - Gain clarity on your direction and purpose in life?
       - Invest time and money into your healing and growth?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions… Abundant Self-Love is for you!

This powerful online course takes the most potent Self-Love lessons that I’ve learned over my two decade-long Spiritual and Self-Love journey and condenses them into easy-to-understand, engaging video lessons, and solidifies the learning with practical tools, techniques and rituals to integrate the deep learning quickly and powerfully.

Self-Love is the ultimate gift to yourself. Self-love is the Universe's ultimate gift to you. Self-Love is the one thing that can change everything.

Learn to love yourself abundantly today.

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Developing a relationship Self-Love will improve anyone's life, including yours. Here are some outcomes you can expect by creating and integrating the daily Self-Love practices you’ll learn in this course.

You’ll learn to:
       - See the progress you’re making and spend more time feeling grateful for it
       - Align your friend, family, romantic and work relationships with your core values
       - Release the feelings of frustration and stagnation and stop feeling “stuck”
       - See problems for the opportunities they are and kick the habit of self-criticism and  negative self-talk
       - Reprioritize your commitments and put yourself first
       - Create a deeper and more powerful Spiritual connection with God, the Universe (or the term you prefer)
       - Experience Abundant Love for yourself

Purchase your ticket below and continue your journey towards deep inner healing, prosperity and abundant Self-Love.

For full course description, click here: https://cushiming4.wixsite.com/website-1/abundant-self-love

Things to note:
       * After purchasing your ticket you will receive access to your course via email on January 11

       * For any questions, please email [email protected] - Subject: Question about Abundant Self-Love.

       * Some scholarships are available, contact [email protected] to discuss.

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