The Bermuda Legion Donations
Registered Charity No.: 809
The Bermuda Legion Donations

The Bermuda Legion (Bermuda Charity 809) looks after the welfare of Bermuda’s Greatest Generation – the heroes who served in the Second World War. The Legion also assists their Widows and provides advocacy and support for their families. We now also support the elderly soldiers who served in The Royal Bermuda Regiment.  Our support for War Veterans, serving and former soldiers of The Royal Bermuda Regiment extends into the entire community. We never turn away anyone who comes to us for assistance.

The Bermuda Legion firmly believes that no one should be fearful of growing old, without the support that provides peace of mind and access to adequate quality of life. The Bermuda Legion helps with welfare enquiries, urgent needs, health and safety concerns, benefits advice and home visits, access to legal assistance and caregiving. War veteran benefits can upfront the costs of medical airlifting. We lease one grave in St George’s Churchyard for our veterans, serving and former soldiers of the Royal Bermuda Regiment. Throughout the year we provide a Program of gifts, groceries and home and hospital visits to veterans and widows across the Island. The Legion also provides a series of internationally recognized courses for caregivers for Dementia sufferers.

The Bermuda Legion is dedicated to the Remembrance of men and women who served and, in many cases, gave their lives in both World Wars. We supply wreaths and Signature Bermuda Poppies for Remembrance Day and for Church Services throughout the Island.

Individual Donations 'Help us support our Heroes and their families’. There are many ways to support The Bermuda Poppy Appeal and The Bermuda Legion.

Here are some examples of what your donation could provide;  Please select what you would like to Donate to the Value of:

1 Hour of Companion Care $35
1 Hour of Companion Skilled RN Caregiving $65
Walking Stick $100
Adult Day Care $105
Christmas Gift for War Veteran in Nursing Home $120

Christmas Gift for War Veteran (Groceries) $240

Walker $$120-$190
Commode $140
Roller Walker $330
GP Visit to a Nursing Home $600
Incontinence Supplies 1 month pk1 $600
Incontinence Supplies 1 month pk 2 $800
Hearing Aid $800
Hospital Bed $2200
Electric Hoist $4200
Wheelchair $500
Electric Wheelchair $3200

Home Safety Alarm (Medic Alert Alarm) $550-700

Home Safety Alarm and Maintenance $360-450

The Bermuda Legion Care Home with Dementia Care Facility Project (Any Donation amount Appreciated)

For more information please contact [email protected] or call 441-293-3975.

Donations Donation 12/31/2024 10:00 PM - Donation
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69315 Individual Donation
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69316 Individual Donation
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69317 Individual Donation
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69318 Individual Donation
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69319 Individual Donation
US$500.00 Spin UpSpin Down
69320 Individual Donation
US$600.00 Spin UpSpin Down
69321 Individual Donation
US$700.00 Spin UpSpin Down
69322 Individual Donation
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69323 Individual Donation
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69324 Individual Donation
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69325 Donation to the value of
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