8/27/2021 - 11/5/2021

Join us for a guided walk and sunset cruise!

We begin at Rockaway Ferry and walk on a beautiful section of the Railway Trail. We will share with you the history of our island and the flora and fauna we experience on the walk, also learning how the West End of Bermuda was integral to the overall development of our island nation dating back over 400 years. On the grounds of the Heydon Trust property we visit the smallest church in Bermuda and finish our walk with spectacular views at Ely´s Harbour. It's around 5.6 km / 3.5 miles / 1 hr 15 mins on foot.

At the end of the walk we board a classic cruiser and have time to chill, refresh with a locally made natural juice and absorb the calm atmosphere of the water at sunset.

At the end of the boat ride we arrive back where we started, the Rockaway Ferry, refreshed and with a new perspective on Bermuda.

For any queries contact us at ethosbermuda@gmail.com or +1 441 533 4443.

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