Sustainable Farming 101 2-Day Workshop
Sustainable Farming 101 2-Day Workshop

Part 1 Presentation via Zoom April 10th 9am-12:30pm:
Join our local expert, Chris Faria for our Sustainable Farming 101 2-Day Workshops which will give you the confidence you need to succeed in the garden.

The first day of our educational experience will begin with a presentation detailing the 8 components of the GROW BIOINTENSIVE™Sustainable Agriculture method. This knowledge will build the foundation of your garden practices and will include some fundamental topics like:

Soil building
Deep soil preparation
Cool composting
Closed-loop fertility
Garden planning for food abundance

Part 2 Garden Demo In-person select day & time:
April 17th 9am-1pm OR 2pm-6pm
April 24th 9am-1pm OR 2pm-6pm
The second day is held in-person in small groups of nine participants plus the presenter meets the maximum group gathering limit of 10 persons. We will teach you how to efficiently perform important techniques needed to grow food successfully in our education garden. These include:

Sowing and raising seedlings
Double digging
Building  and maintaining a compost pile
Transplanting seedlings into the garden

After purchasing your ticket we will send an email with more information as well as a link to select the day and time that works for you for the Garden Demo.

Our aim is to give you the opportunity to build your knowledge and skills while also connecting with a community that will support you beyond this workshop. We're so excited to share our passion with you and look forward to seeing you at one of our workshops!

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