BIFF 2013 Patron Renewal
Hosted By: Bermuda International Film Festival
Bermuda International Film Festival (BIFF) may not be as big as Sundance or Cannes but, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in spirit.

BIFF launched in 1997 to advance the love of independent film from around the world in Bermuda and to encourage and inspire young Bermudians to capture their very special narrative through a camera lens. It has welcomed numerous celebrities and stars of the film world over the years, including Michael Douglas, Earl Cameron, Willem Defoe and Richard Dreyfuss. While there are more than 1,000 film festivals worldwide, only 62 are Academy Award qualifying festivals and BIFF is one for the Short Film (Live Action) Oscar. Since becoming a qualifying festival in 2004, two of our Shorts Award winners have gone on to win: Wasp (2005) and Toyland (2009).

BIFF is, however, much more than an annual event, the organization operates all year round to achieve its goals, hosting various BIFF Film Academy events. School screenings, filmmaking and screenwriting workshops, along with summer camps expose local people to the creative and dynamic world of independent cinema and nurture emerging homegrown talent. BIFF also hosts a film series, BIFFlix, to bring the very latest movie movers and shakers to the big screen in Bermuda

As an arts charity, we are most grateful for the generous support of our private donors, the BIFF Patrons. As a token of our gratitude we offer our patrons, complimentary cinema tickets , access to our advance purchase box office and regular updates on how your money is being spent in delivering BIFF's many programmes and initiatives. These very special supporters recognize that BIFF is much more than an annual entertainment event, it delivers real cultural value to Bermuda:

  • Without BIFF, many of the independent films we screen would never be seen in Bermuda, let alone on the big screen.

  • BIFF attracts filmmakers, screenwriters, directors and other film industry heavweights and enthusiasts from all over the world to the annual festival who might otherwise never venture to these shores.

  • BIFF empowers and inspires local filmmaking talent, with its Film Academy events, including school screenings, screenwriting workshops, filmmaking labs, acting and production summer camps.

  • BIFF presents film to our island's youth which serves as a learning tool made of gold. Film teaches us about other people, other places, history, the present, the future and everything in between. Through moving pictures, we can learn about empathy, morality, creativity, and develop our personal skill set, as well as an understanding of how to live and play a meaningful role in our community.

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