Masterworks’ Secret Collections
9/30/2019 - 12/28/2019
Masterworks’ Secret Collections

This art tour is your special access pass to the Masterworks Museum vault where treasures not on exhibit to the general public are housed for safekeeping.

The Director or Curator will begin this experience with a welcome overview and beverage in the Members’ Lounge. Then you’ll be led on a curated tour of the current exhibitions and a behind-the-scenes peek into the precious Masterworks pieces not on display.

The Masterworks Collection consists of artwork inspired by Bermuda and created by artists from Bermuda and many other countries including America, Canada, United Kingdom, France and South Africa. Almost every medium is represented: oil, watercolour, sculpture, lithograph, photography. The common thread is that the inspiration comes from the island – its architecture, people, shoreline, foliage all have been sources of inspiration. Artists such as Winslow Homer, Georgia O’Keeffe, Ogden Pleissner and Charles Lloyd Tucker are featured in the exhibitions and collection. Every exhibition includes works from these artists as well as a myriad of other paintings.

The entire experience takes 60-90 minutes and is bookable online Monday through Saturday at 11am or 2pm. This experience is also available by appointment.

For more information please contact Masterworks +1 441 299 4000.

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