Power My Future Advisory Services
Hosted By: The Olderhood Group
9/24/2019 - 1/31/2020
Power My Future Advisory Services

The Olderhood Power My Future Advisory Service is a private service to prepare island residents for their future lifestyle and financial awareness as they move forward in life.
In today’s fast-paced world we can sometimes overlook our personal lifestyle and financial circumstances. We recognize that we should be focused on our budgets, our savings ability and our short-to-long-term planning – but, for one reason or another, we habitually put it off to “tomorrow”. The problem is that sometimes we delay planning until we are so far off track that trying to catch up is difficult, if not impossible.
Successful personal planning requires an understanding that Life is a Journey - and like every journey we take, we need to plan ahead for EACH PHASE of the journey, assess our progress and make adjustments, on a regular and consistent basis.
Led by Olderhood CEO Bill Storie (Host of The Ozone radio show on Magic 102.7 FM every Thursday), this new service takes clients on an intimate and exploratory look at their lifestyle options and financial position to then provide them with custom solutions to make sure their future lifestyle is successful and sustainable.
This service provides an accessible and affordable way for people to get this necessary personal, financial and lifestyle information.

For more information please contact 524-2656 or bill@olderhood.com.

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