2019 Annual BHRA Conference
2019 Annual BHRA Conference

It's nearly that time of year again!

The BHRA Annual Conference 2019 and this year we are going to discuss all things Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

What is A.I. ?
How can it benefit me in HR?
What  can it do /what does it not do?

We have an awesome conference planned for this year with both local and international speakers, the marketplace and of course our cocktail hour at the end. Be sure to watch out for the speaker's profile come September!

We have a few other little surprises too - so make sure you mark your calendars and plan to attend on 22 October.

The Future of HR ~ Are you A.I. Ready?

Registration is now Open! Registration will close 20 October 2019.

For more information please contact Meredith McCreadie at 294-2628 or meredithmccreadie@kpmg.bm.

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