2019 Cup Match Classic
8/1/2019 - 8/2/2019
2019 Cup Match Classic

The 2019 Annual Cup Match Classic will be a two-day cricket match between players selected from the east and west of the island to represent St. George's and Somerset Cricket Clubs.
This tradition and friendly rivalry has been going on since 1902, and unofficially for decades before that. Cup Match has grown to encompass so much more than cricket. It's a time when families and friends, both old and new, come together to enjoy the festivities of the event.
Cup Match observes an important time in Bermuda's history, reminding us all to reflect and rejoice. The whole island cherishes these two days as a time for sport, entertainment, fun in the sun, and more.

Residents come together as they cheer on their favorite cricket teams and see which side will take home the silverware... and bragging rights for the next year!

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