​Activate Bermuda Young Adult & Leadership Summit
7/19/2019 - 7/21/2019
​Activate Bermuda Young Adult & Leadership Summit

Pre-Registration Has Closed

You can still register Thursday 12 pm -2 pm & 5 pm -7 pm at St. Andrews on Church and Court Street

Includes registration package available Friday evening at The Berkeley Institute


Register at the door at The Berkeley Institute (Registration package not included)


This three-day event, from July 19 - 21, is not for the religious, but for those who are truly hungry for something different; to experience God in a new way and be a part of the reformation of the way we re-present God in the earth. We long to reestablish true heart worship, equip our generation for ministry and connect them to other like-minded peers and resources.

Friday Night 6:30 pm: We kick off the event with a Friday night worship encounter where we look to experience God in a new way.

Saturday 7:00 am: We will start the day with an early morning prayer "Hour of Activated Power" open to all attendees.  Breakfast will be offered to those who attend, at an additional price of $10. Please register in advance. From 9:00 am - 4:30 pm we will focus on equipping attendees with tools to help them face some of life's challenging issues. *Lunch will be provided*

Sunday 6:30 pm: We will end the event with a true expression of worship and close with a charge to carry the mandate forth into our spheres of influence.

Free childcare will be provided for the duration of the event.

General Admission: $50 For full event
- Includes T-Shirt and Registration Package

Can't attend the whole weekend?
Register for our daily rates of $20

*Daily registrations do not include T-Shirts and registration package

Attendees have the choice to register for 1 morning and 1 afternoon session on Saturday.


Morning Sessions

Session 1: ”Teach me how to study"- tools to study and apply the Bible
-This session will provide practical tools and guidance on how to best study and apply lessons and principles of the Bible.

Session 2: “Help me lead them!" - Understanding the new generation
-This session seeks to inform leaders about the Millennial and Generation Z mindsets and how their views impact the way we align our churches today.

Session 3: “Worship" - It's a heart thing!
-Learn what it means to worship God in spirit and in truth, understanding how your outward expressions bear evidence to an inward heart posture.

Session 4: “Transformation... from the inside out"
-Understand how a shift in your mindset can alter the way we perceive sin. Explore how the Bible is not meant to be a legalistic document but an invitation to complete freedom.

Afternoon Sessions

Session 5: "The Love Encounter"
-This session seeks to address some common misconceptions as it relates to dating and marriage. Learn how creating a solid foundation, based on biblical principles, can lead to highly successful relationships.

Session 6: “What am I getting myself into?"
-This session looks at how and why leadership in ministry is changing. As millennials and Generation Z prepare for a future of Godly leadership, what opportunities and obstacles might they encounter and how can they respond?

Session 7: “It's all in the anointing" – Dance/Mime Empowerment
-Learn what it means to worship under the anointing. This session will discuss the various types of dance, their biblical foundation and how it can invoke a true sense of worship.

Session 8: “I know you are but what am I?"  
-What's your purpose? Attendees will be equipped on how to navigate and identify practical strategies for living a godly and purpose-driven life.


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