The Bermuda East End Exploration Experience 2019
5/6/2019 - 9/30/2019
The Bermuda East End Exploration Experience 2019

The Bermuda east end adventure begins at The World Heritage Centre in the old town of St George where guest will learn about Bermuda’s fascinating history through lively, interactive histories told through state of the art technology, participatory talks, historical re-enactments and an ongoing program of dramatic presentations and cultural activities. Next, a knowledgeable guide will accompany the guest as they walk through the four hundred year old town of St George and learn of the old methods of public punishment, before going on board of a replica of the 1610 ship deliverance. Visitors will soon venture off to the fort St Catherine in a comfortable air-conditioned Vehicle to experience a guided walking tour of the 16th century British stone fort located at the northern tip of the parish of St George. Take pictures and learn about the many historic exhibits, artifacts, and well persevered interior. We next will explore the beautiful cathedral cave and its spectacular limestone rock formations that are kissed by crystal clear waters. Then venture of to the coopers island nature reserve where we walk over to the coopers island wildlife observatory. Along the way we will encounter 5 beautiful beaches surrounded by tranquil turquoise waters on this 12 acre paradise only recently opened up to the public, where one can spot sea birds, and discover land crabs, Portuguese man of war, lizards and ancient Bermuda cedar trees at the south eastern tip of Bermuda where there exists an array of fauna and flora. We then transition and visit the Carter house, one of the oldest houses in Bermuda and then venture of to the St David’s lighthouse for picturesque views and scenes. Join us on this amazing, informative, beautiful east end adventure.

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