Bringing you pure inspiration all day long, CONNECT is this year’s theme for the 8th TEDxBermuda Conference on Saturday, October 6th.

This will be held from noon until 6pm at the Fairmont Southampton Hotel, where you can expect innovative talks from thinkers and change-makers from around the world. This promises to be an unforgettable performance, with the chance to mingle with visionaries and other curious minds.

Speakers will include: Dr. Ayanna Howard, Professor and Chair, School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech | Founder & CTO at Zyrobotics | Robotics and AI; Eddie Sotto, President, CCO SottoStudios; Dr. Pradipta Ghosh, Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Founding Director, Center for Network Medicine, UCSD; Dr. Sam Wass, Developmental cognitive neuroscientist based at the University of East London; Jacqueline Olds and Richard Schwartz, Associate Professors of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School; Michael Brett, Chief Executive Officer at QxBranch; and Coral Beats, Bermuda Women Brazilian Percussion Group.

To learn more about the speakers, check out their bios here.

For more information please contact [email protected]

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