Mindfulness - A Gift of Wellbeing
Hosted By: Winnow
4/18/2018 - 9/28/2018
Mindfulness - A Gift of Wellbeing
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Make your visit to this beautiful island that little bit more peaceful and meaningful with a expertly guided mindfulness session set among the beauty of Bermuda's natural setting.

Give something back to yourself, by taking a break and re-centering your mind as you step away from the distractions and stress of modern life.

Whether it is your first time trying out mindfulness practices or you have cultivated your own practice, any guest can take advantage of this experience, exploring and practicing ways to train your mind to be more present while relaxing and restoring your body.

With our local expert, Kim, you will explore diverse ways to incorporate mindfulness into your life while learning:

Skills for improving attention/concentration How stress affects the body and brain, and how mindfulness helps An awareness of emotions and bodily sensations Practices to develop a more positive state of mind


$110.00 per group - Minimum groups of 1 and maximum groups of 4.


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