Summer Shakedown!
Hosted By: Megan Mahoney 737 0025
Summer Shakedown!

Summer Shakedown!

A Health and Wellness Expo

Do you want to turn over a new leaf, but aren't sure where to start?
Do you wonder about what Bermuda's health and wellness industry can offer you? Then this workshop is for you! Come down to CrossFit BDA on Sunday May 21st to find out what resources are in the community to help you start cooking better, find exercise outlets, and give you the continued support you need to start a new, healthy chapter of your life - just in time for summer!

The $15 entry fee gets you access to a yoga class, cooking workshop, vendor information (business cards, pamphlets) and entered into a raffle to win a private cooking class, one on one sugar cleanse with a health coach, and a private yoga or pilates class!

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