CURB Donation Page
Registered Charity No.: 768
CURB Donation Page

Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda a registered charity is a non-governmental, volunteer, racial justice advocacy group actively working in the community since 2006. CURB’s work has focused on education, research and outreach to the community with particular focus on issues of racial justice, structural racism, reconciliation, diversity and inclusion, restorative practices, privilege, the legacy of slavery, segregation and historical amnesia. The underlying mission of this work has been a process of truth-telling and healing, i.e. a full and complete telling of the story of our past, an acknowledgement of the wounds, and a bringing together through dialogue and education.

CURB’s outreach provides:

· an opportunity for people to tell their stories and speak their truths;

· education and research on how structural racism continues to exist, often unknowingly, in organizations, churches, businesses and charities;

· a way to lift the veil on the past;

· the opportunity for dialogue that encourages reconciliation, healing and action to redress historical wrongs and inequity.

CURB offers a number of services to the community:

· Structural Racism workshops

· Restorative Practice workshops

· Social Justice Mediation

· Social Justice, Diversity & Inclusion workshops

· Presentations, forums, lectures

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