Up With People - Zachary Kawaley-Lathan Donations
Up With People - Zachary Kawaley-Lathan Donations
Zachary is an 18 year old Bermudian who is eager to start on the adventure of a lifetime, by joining an international group of young adults with the world re-knowned group, “Up With People”! The group work together to bring the all-important message of acceptance and unity to the world through an invigorating and inspiring stage performance and by completing acts of service in each community they visit. Zachary is the only Bermudian to be selected to join cast B in 2015, Up With People’s landmark 50th year!

If you would like to help me to fulfill my goal of attending Up With People please come to one of my upcoming fundraising events.  If you would like to support me through sponsorship or donation, please know that any donation, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated.

Gratefully yours,


Next Event: Codfish and Potato Breakfast is being held at Daylesford Theatre: Sunday May 17th at 9am.

For Zachary's full Bio please click here!

For more information on Up With People please visit their website: http://www.upwithpeople.org/

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